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OEM Partners Systems & Peripherals

We collaborate with HP to provide computers and imaging products on contracts with a number of U.S. government agencies.
NCS is the longest-serving and largest Federal integrator for Getac rugged mobile products.
NCS values Dell for a number of best in class products that our customers demand.
NCS and Lenovo team up to capture and deliver on a number of U.S. Government contracts and large task orders.
There is a strong fit for ASUS products with the state/local segment of our customer base.
Providing both Lexmark end user and workgroup imaging products on contracts with the military and a number of Federal agencies.
Hyundai provides us with TAA-compliant display products to accompany computer systems we provide to our customers.
For customers who require premium-grade display products that are TAA compliant, we provide them with Samsung monitors.
Huawei is a global networking leader and NCS partners with Huawei on eLTE solutions for education and government.