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Norma Huntington
Human Resources
NCS Technologies, Inc.
7669 Limestone Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155-4038


NCS Human Resource


(703) 621-1701


OPEN POSITIONS (see below) 

  • Senior Proposal Manager
  • Customer Service Administrator
  • Business Development Manager - Appliance & Server Engineering

Senior Proposal Manager

Background: NCS is a growing innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of computing devices for enterprises of all sizes. We are seeking a Proposal Manager to lead Federal proposal analysis and development.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Uncover opportunities by all means available including third-party and government-operated business opportunity research/advertisement portals, personal networking, sales calls, tradeshows, etc.
  • Research and build a business case for each opportunity that is congruent and compatible with NCS’ existing business model.  If the business model must be modified to pursue the opportunity, advocate such changes with management and obtain approval for implementation.
  • Analyze each opportunity, acquire as quickly as possible a detailed understanding of the procurement strategy and advocate with customers to minimize our risks and disadvantages and maximize our probability of winning. 
  • Form partnerships and teaming arrangements with other firms to enable NCS to compete successfully on each opportunity.
  • Track future opportunities.
  • Monitor bid boards, including FBO, GSA eBuy, FedBid, and SLED sites, for potential opportunities.
  • Read and analyze RFPs.
  • Develop questions in response to RFPs.
  • Conduct and participate in meetings with internal resources, customers, and partners to create winning proposals.
  • Develop and formalize a winning strategy for each opportunity.
  • Develop outline and schedule including project milestones.
  • Fully convey the winning strategies to other members of the proposal teams.
  • Ensure that the winning strategies are properly translated into and reflected throughout our proposals.
  • Assign writing and editing responsibilities.
  • Serve as the Point of Contact between company and the Government.
  • Coordinate inputs from various groups (Sales, Product Management, Engineering, Purchasing, etc.).
  • Lead status and review meetings.
  • Write and edit proposal sections.
  • Complete proposal-specific Government forms (i.e.  SF1449, SF30, Reps & Certs, W-9, etc.).
  • Create the final proposal documents, both electronic and hard copy versions.
  • Request and attend debriefings.
  • Maintain the company’s Bid Repository.

Qualifications:  To carry out his/her duties and responsibilities, the individual must possess the following qualifications and personality attributes:

  • Minimum of 5 years of Proposal Development/Management.
  • Must have sufficient knowledge of the FAR/DFAR and Government/DOD procurement practices.
  • Knowledge of Government Contracting, specifically Requests for Proposals.
  • Experience with IT product delivery acquisitions.
  • Must be extremely detailed oriented.
  • Strong work ethic and ability to multi-task on a sustained basis.
  • Strong interpersonal networking skills and able to build relationships with individuals with diverse personalities.
  • Persistent, patient and relentless in pursuing opportunities.
  • Strong analytical skills and must possess the ability to separate “the wheat from the chaff” efficiently in determining when and where to focus one’s own and corporate resources.
  • At least 5 years of experience with Word, Excel, and PDF editing.
  • Familiar with creation and editing of graphics, such as flowcharts.
  • High English language proficiency, both spoken and written.
  • Ability to work in high-stress, deadline-driven environment.
  • Formal proposal management training desired (i.e. Shipley).
  • Familiar with SalesForce.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience and abilities.


Customer Service Administrator

Background: NCS Technologies, a fast growing computer hardware manufacturer located in Gainesville, VA, seeks a professional to be its Customer Service Administrator.  This position will report to the Help Desk Manager.  

Position Responsibilities: Candidate will work within the Customer Service department to unpack incoming repairs, notate their associated ticket number, and update the database ticket accordingly.  Candidate will manage returned evaluation equipment and ensure its proper return to company inventory.  Candidate will create appropriate labeling for outbound equipment and flash BIOS updates as per work instructions.  Candidate will email and call customers for repair or defective parts to be shipped back to NCS.  Candidate will update assigned spread sheets with information from the Customer Service Database.  Candidate will also work with CS Technicians to test failed parts and complete paperwork to return to inventory or to manufacture for additional testing/repair.

Qualifications:  To carry out his/her duties and responsibilities, the individual must possess the following qualifications and personality attributes:

  • Applicant must possess United States Citizenship
  • High school diploma required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Basic understanding of computer hardware.
  • Ability to lift 10 lbs boxes repeatedly, and occasionally 40 lbs boxes.
  • Strong work ethic; uses time productively to accomplish work goals.
  • Committed to meeting quality standards.
  • Previous hands on experience with PCs preferred.

Compensation: $28,000 - $36,000 per year. Annual review with percentage based raises based on performance


Business Development Manager

Background: NCS is a growing innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of computing devices for commercial and government enterprises of all sizes. We are seeking a Business Development Manager (BDM) to help expand our Appliance &Server Engineering  division, primarily in North America but overseas as logical opportunities present themselves.  

Position Responsibilities: Discover, capture, and develop sales opportunities to attain goals defined by the Vice President of ASE. When assigned, developing and managing growth with certain existing customer accounts.  As a high-level sales professional, the BDM will manage and execute on a day-to-day basis specific tactical go-to-market sales activities to close opportunities that deliver NCS products and services to commercial ASE customers to include ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), Solution Providers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and government-focused System Integrators (SIs).

New Sales Opportunities: The BDM will work with the Customer Acquisition Manager (CAM) to develop leads, and engage with prospective customers to determine if Leads presented merit further pursuit by NCS. While working with the CAM to determine business viability and initial solution needs, the BDM will task and monitor the assigned Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to complete certain administrative tasks for each new customer. The BDM will also assume the leadership position in the development of initial customer product specifications, working the the Sales Project Manager (SPM), Product Management, and Engineering as necessary and appropriate. Upon completion and acceptance of the First Article of a new, customer’s product, the BDM will start to transition to the day-to-day order processing and fulfillment management to the CRM. However, the BDM will continue to “own” and develop the account including managing and growing relationships with key personnel, enhancing the customer’s perception of NCS and our standing, and find opportunities to expand NCS business within the customer.

Existing Customer Business: When assigned an existing customer account to manage, the BDM will quickly gain an understanding of​ their business model, roles of key personnel and assessment of our relationship with them, NCS’​ standing and performance, and how we can better serve the customer. The BDM then develops a customer transition plan to take over the account and inspire, lead, and cooperate with the CRM, SPM and other transition plan to take over the account and inspire, lead, and cooperate with the CRM, SPM and other colleagues at NCS to execute the plan. At the same time, the BDM will set out to discover new sales opportunities within the account to grow it above and beyond where it was when it was assigned.

In addition to the tasks that will need to be executed to bring on a new customer or enhance business with an existing one, the BDM will also be responsible for: 

  • Becoming familiar with the solution offerings of ASE customers and target markets in order to better analyze ASE customers’ hardware requirements and make intelligent recommendations in concert with Product Management.
  • Briefing customers on NCS’ OEM service offerings
  • With the help of the CRM, SPM & CAM, establish agreements with ASE Customers as necessary, such as: Mutual-Non Disclosure Agreements (MNDA), Credit Applications, Manufacturing and Services Agreement; and for specific custom product development opportunities; Statements of Work.
  • Collaborating with Product Management, CRM, SPM, and CAM, as necessary, to provide price quotations in response to customer requests.
  • Assist the CRM as necessary in the escalation of the planning, scheduling, tracking, and timely delivery of customer orders.
  • Coordinating with other groups within the company to provide customers with pre- and post-sales support as needed.
  • Providing feedback to management and/or teammates on customer requirements, concerns, or competitive issues.

Other Requirements:

  • The BDM may be required to travel as often as one week per month.
  • The BDM must be able to maintain a positive demeanor during stressful and demanding situations with seemingly conflicting priorities.
  • The BDM must be willing to work additional hours during high volume periods of business, especially at the end of each calendar quarter.

Qualifications:  To carry out his/her duties and responsibilities, the individual must possess the following qualifications and personality attributes:

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science, with a focus in computers preferred. Additionally, a Master's degree in either Business or Management is desirable.
  • Conversational knowledge of x86 server computing, networking, internet security, storage, vitualization and cloud-oriented technologies.
  • Experienced in OEM environment whereby NCS is engaged in designing/manufacturing systems for other corporate entities plus performing other services such as order fulfillment, logistics management, warranty maintenance, etc.
  • Outgoing and comfortable in both business and social setting but at the same time able to sustain concentration of attention to achieve specific business goals and objectives.
  • Professional demeanor in appearance and conduct
  • Self-starter, entrepreneurial, well-motivated, disciplined, and able to work independently and self-sufficiently to close sales opportunities, but also as a team player that can exercise good judgment as to when to ask for help and when to lend a hand to others.
  • Communicative with both customers and colleagues to advance common goals.
  • Excellent verbal and writing communication skills – crisp and clear in intentions and requirements.
  • Detail oriented, thorough, and not prone to “making assumptions”.
  • Dependable and willing to take ownership of matters through successful completion.
  • A person of his/her word – able to make and meet commitments with integrity.
  • Able to think creatively and willing examine/question past practices before applying them to solve current problems/issues.
  • Able to connect the dots between events and matters that may appear unrelated/unconnected to most.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience and abilities.​

NCS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. NCS provides a fair and equal employment opportunity for all associates and job applicants regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital states or disability.​

NCS Technologies is an Affirmative Action Employer who values cultural diversity in the workplace. M/F/D/V