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Get work done while on the move.

Meet the new Cirrus LT, the world’s first zero client laptop. You can now take your work along with
you, with complete peace of mind.

Cirrus LT  Cirrus LT Plus
Cirrus LT, the world's first zero client laptop.

Mobile Security with peace of mind.

Cirrus LT is a compact zero client notebook that is highly secure.
How does Cirrus LT do it?

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The power to do anything.

Cirrus LT is based on Teradici’s high performance TERA2321 processor, which uses the PCoIP protocol. PCoIP delivers the entire computing experience to the desktop by using pixels across the IP network.

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PCoIP to the laptop.

Cirrus LT uses PCoIP technology to deliver a fully-functional PC experience.

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Innovative Partnerships.

NCS Technologies partners with Teradici and VMware to deliver a high performance and highly efficient IT experience.

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How to test drive the new Cirrus LT.

The new Cirrus LT Zero Client Laptop

NCS Technologies is active at leading trade show events and also frequently schedules demonstrations for prospective customers.

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