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Desktop Systems

The Stratus and Vortex Desktop and Workstation portfolio delivers high  performance, stunning graphics
and breakthrough manageability
Intel Desktop Systems
Stratus 9480 Series NEW! Advanced Performance
Stratus 7480 Series NEW! Affordable High Performance
Stratus 5480 Series NEW! Affordable & Customizable
Stratus 9170 Series Breakthrough Performance & Manageability
Stratus 7280 Series Business Class Performance
Stratus 5280 Series Brilliant Performance & High Quality Graphics
Stratus 5250 uSFF Budget Friendly
Stratus 9270 uSFF High Performance
Stratus A416 Series Feature-Rich & Customizable
AMD Desktop Systems
FOUR4 DT-A426 Reliable & Budget Friendly
FOUR4 MT-A426  
Intel Workstation Systems
Vortex MDT-5480 NEW! Performance & Security
Vortex MT-7180 Performance & Power
Vortex A422 Highly Scalable
Vortex MT-5280 Family of Solutions
All-in-One Desktop Systems
FIVE5 AIO Latest Technology in a All-in-One Package
Racktop Systems
Stratus RT-A425 Full Functionality in a 1U Form Factor
Stratus RT2-A425 Full Functionality in a 2U Form Factor
Stratus RT2-G429 Powerful & Flexible in a 2U Form Factor