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Our Design Services


NCS offers a full suite of design services. Our specialty is in the design of x86 and ARM-based computers.  The NCS team includes all necessary engineering disciplines.  Complementing our capabilities is a network of vendors and partners in both the U.S. and Taiwan.

We offer the following design services:

  • Electrical Engineering.  Our EE team specializes in designing boards in a wide variety of system form factors including desktop, notebook, server and specialized computing platforms.  We also design I/O peripheral boards as add-on devices to the main system.  Additionally, our engineers are also expert in power supply and distribution sub-system designs with or without battery back-up. 
  • Mechanical Engineering.  NCS engineers work on a wide range of enclosures to house all types of system form factors, from tablets to 4U servers.  We are a leader in designing housing chassis to withstand and operate reliably in different environmental conditions.  Around the world, our mechanical and cooling solutions are deployed in offices, aboard ships and in combat vehicles.  No matter how harsh the environmental requirements, NCS engineers will always be able to meet them.  We are also adept at designing enclosures for peripheral devices.
  • Software Engineering.  We offer this service for both Windows and Linux operating systems.  Developing applications and drivers to operate our hardware is our specialty.  We also “harden” Linux to improve its security or enhance its efficiency for specific applications.
  • Project Management.  Strong project management is essential for a successful design project.  A project manager is assigned to coordinate disparate activities among team members and provide constant visibility.
  • Ancillary Services.  NCS provides life cycle management, documentation development and packaging design services to complete the entire design cycle.  Product managers are available to manage the products after they have entered mass production.  Professional writers develop user and maintenance manuals for the product.  Lastly, NCS mechanical engineers specialize in designing packaging materials to make sure the products can withstand its intended shipping modes and meet marketing requirements.