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NCS Integration Services

Our comprehensive product integration services enable you to design and validate high-quality custom products that can be any combination of commercial-off-the-shelf and purpose-built parts and sub-assemblies. An experienced integration engineering team operates from our Gainesville facility and is dedicated to this business.

This team offers design validation, integration engineering and prototype services that take your design idea from conception to completion.  We pride ourselves on our ability to design the right product at the right price that meets all of your requirements.

Design Validation Services

Our design validation services include compatibility, reliability, environmental and regulatory compliance testing. Each custom-designed platform is subject to a suite of rigorous tests to ensure that it will deliver its functionalities reliably over its intended life cycle. In addition to our software/hardware compatibility and electronics labs, we also maintain on premises a comprehensive mechanical lab to aid our work. This lab includes the following equipment:

  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  • Vibration Table
  • Pneumatic Shock Test Table
  • Drop Tester
  • Acoustic Chamber

Integration Engineering Services

Once a custom platform is fully validated, our integration team works with their product management and manufacturing engineering counterparts to establish the bill of materials and work instructions to move a new product from prototype to mass production.  The teams also develop software production test instructions to ensure the applications carried on the custom platforms get activated and function properly. This close proximity and working relationship among the various engineering teams ensures a smooth transition each step of the way from initial concept to delivery of the final product.

Prototype Services

Our design engineers work directly and closely with local vendors to quickly and efficiently build rapid prototypes for both plastic and metal parts. As for printed circuit boards, we often modify commercially available boards into functional prototypes for our customers to evaluate while waiting for the actual prototypes to become available.