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NCS Introduces Cirrus LT, the Industry's First Mobile Zero Client Laptop

Gainesville, VA, Feb. 4, 2014 - NCS Technologies, Inc. (www.ncst.com), a leading domestic computing systems manufacturer, today launched the Cirrus LT zero client laptop, a compact notebook that is highly secure and delivers all the functionality of a traditional desktop or laptop computer. The mobile zero client laptop, complete with docking station, battery and Wi-Fi capability, represents a new computing category.

Until today, zero-client computing has been defined as a small, stationary desktop device that has no hard drive, no local storage and no operating system. This device connects a keyboard, video monitor and mouse to a data center server. Benefits of this virtualization approach include enhanced security, reduced costs, improved energy efficiency and administration.

Cirrus LT uses the strongest security protocols, AES-256 cryptography and NSA Suite B ciphers. It won’t retain persistent user data because it doesn’t have local storage, hard drive or an operating system. That means secrets won’t be compromised if the device is lost, physically broken into or stolen.

The mobile zero client laptop is based on Teradici’s high performance TERA2321 processor, which uses the PCoIP protocol. PCoIP compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience at the data center and transmits all data as pixels across the IP network. Users have fully functional, effortless access to all applications, even HD. Cirrus LT can move around an office building or go along on business trips – new with zero client computing.

Engineered for low cost of ownership, Cirrus LT uses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) optimized for VMware View delivering a highly efficient IT administrative experience. Cirrus LT supports copper, fiber and Wi-Fi.

“In our research we found a big drawback for users is that zero client devices were not mobile,” said Brian Gentry, NCS vice president, engineering. “With Cirrus LT, secure computing now moves to where you need it most – down the hall or to a hotel thousands of miles away.”

“We have determined the key markets for zero client laptops include all government agencies including the military, the intelligence community and education,” Gentry said. “We have also identified strong interest from commercial markets including medical/health care, banking and financial services – anywhere where security, mobility and efficiency are critical to doing business.”

Cirrus LT Specs

  • Teradici PCoIP processor TERA2321
  • Storage: No local storage
  • Display: 14” HD 16:9 LCD, 1366x768 with anti-glare, LED backlight or 14” HD+ 16:9 LCD, 1600x900 with anti-glare, LED backlight
  • Image Performance: 50 Mpps (VDI); 130 Mpps (workstation)
  • Networking: Integrated Realtek 10/100/1000Mb Base-TX Ethernet LAN; Ralink 802.11 a/b/g/n 3T3R 450mbps LAN; 100.1000Mb Fiber SFP support in port replicator; wake on LAN and wake on USB support
  • Battery: Primary 6-cell Li-Ion smart battery (5,200mAh)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 13.375” x 9.25” x 1.125”-1.25”; 3.62 lbs.

Cirrus LT is generally available in the second quarter. For pricing, contact NCS sales at 703-743-8548. See Cirrus LT this month at the AFCEA CyberSpace Symposium, Booth 53a; AFCEA West, Booth 1021; VMware Partner Exchange (PEX), Booth 438; and AUSA, Booth 206. For more information, visit http://www.ncst.com.