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NCS Lifecycle Support Services

The foundation of our Lifecycle Support Services is a checks-and-balances system involving technical support, customer service and program management teams.  While the Technical Support and Customer Service group is the infrastructure that delivers technical support and break/fix repair services, a program management team assigned to each customer is the entity that defines, compiles and issues service requirements, monitors compliance and advocates for the customer. This dual structure is extremely efficient in delivering high-quality customer care. 

Technical support employees work closely with the integration engineering team.  If an issue is uncovered and is related to design or manufacturing, it is the responsibility of our integration engineers  to notify the appropriate parties, coordinate both in-house and vendors' debugging efforts and deliver solutions.

When a customer calls NCS, the system serial number is the key to unlock the resources to solve the problem.  This number allows employees to look up all pertinent details of a system including its maintenance service terms.  With the configuration information for each system available, Help Desk specialists can quickly diagnose the problem, determine what needs to be done, or escalate it to next level. 

While each system we sell carries lifetime technical support, the warranty terms tend to vary.  It may be on-site service, mail-in depot, or advanced replacement with terms ranging from one-to-five years.  In addition to dispatching parts from our manufacturing facility, we also provision parts in strategic locations to allow us to deliver service within the agreed timeframe.