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NCS Services

NCS is successful as a company and our computing solutions are in demand across many market segments, in no small measure, thanks to NCS Services.

It is a suite of services that we offer as the platform to conceive, create and deliver outstanding computing solutions. This suite includes product design, integration and testing, manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment and end user support.

The services required for our products vary, but they include:

  • Design Services.   Here concepts are turned into products. We offer hardware, software, mechanical design plus ancillary services, such as project, life cycle and documentation management.
  • Integration and Testing Services.  A growing focus is the integration of our systems with third-party hardware and software vendors to create exciting, new products.  We are extremely competitive and our physical and IT infrastructures are agile and flexible to meet any customer need. The various labs housed on premises conduct a wide range of reliability, compatibility and environmental qualification testing.
  • Manufacturing Services.  NCS operates at the highest level of quality and environmental certifications. Many of the most demanding customers, including U.S. government agencies, the military, leading software and IT security companies and educational institutions turn to us for manufacturing services. We are agile and have the ability to quickly organize our manufacturing resources to adapt to changing customer requirements. We rely on an optimal plant layout and well designed manufacturing processes and procedures to deliver the most efficient operations. The end result is the consistent manufacturing of the highest quality x86 and ARM-based computers in a wide variety of physical form factors.
  • Warehousing & Order Fulfillment Services.  NCS is responsive to every customer warehousing and fulfillment need. Our packaging operation offers comprehensive solutions to meet every requirement.  Last minute additions of parts and activation of software licenses can be performed by our team to maintain flexibility.  We ensure dependable deliveries anywhere with our extensive network of logistics partners.
  • End User Services.  Technical support and repair services are priorities. We offer a single point of contact and lifetime telephone support for peace of mind.

Our NCS Services commitment is anchored by a dedicated team of Program Managers assigned to each customer to ensure a completely successful experience.