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NCS Technologies Wins Intel Client Solution Innovation Award

Gainesville, VA, March 20, 2013 - NCS Technologies, Inc. (www.ncst.com), a domestic computing systems manufacturer for government and the commercial enterprise, announced that Stratus MCS, a compact desktop system for workers who must use separate computers because of security policies, has won the prestigious Intel Platinum 2013 Client Solution Innovation Award for North America.

Many military and government employees are required by security policies to use separate PCs per desk to access different networks and to keep data separate and secure. In enterprise applications such as banking and financial services, multiple PCs are also often required.

In these scenarios, IT departments add stand-alone PCs as needed. In multiple implementations, users deal with heat, noise, energy waste, desktop and legroom crowding and messy cabling from KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switches needed to control each PC.

The Stratus MCS modular computing solution is designed to solve all these challenges.

The Stratus MCS has a compact stack design, yet each PC module remains fully autonomous to meet strict security policies. The system is energy efficient, quiet and delivers improved ergonomics made possible by an industry first: a secure KVM switch with handy remote control. Up to four PCs can share the same keyboard, video display and mouse. If required by security policies, a fourth Stratus MCS PC may be located up to 36 inches away from the stack.

“NCS is honored that Intel has recognized the significant technical innovation that has gone into Stratus MCS,” said Dewayne Adams, vice president, NCS product development. The award was announced today at the Intel Solutions Summit 2013 in Los Angeles.