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NCS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


End-to-End Soliution: ease of management with a solid user experience.

Simplicity. Scalability. Savings.

Reduce the time required to design and implement your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution by using an NCS Technologies purpose-built and optimized end-to-end solultion that delivers simplicity, scalability and savings. NCS turn-key VDI appliances are designed using Intel's latest-generation, Broadwell-EP processor-based servers running Microsoft Windows in a VMware Hypervisor environment - the perfect combination for successful desktop virtualization.

More Choice: NCS Technologies and HP Enterprise.

NCS offers fully-built ideal configurations with one package recommend for supporting wide range of virtual desktops, depending on the chosen bundle. In addition, NCS also partners closely with HP Enterprise to offer a full range of VDI solutions. Whether you are deploying a VDI environment for a mobile workforce or adding compute capacity to a datacenter, NCS and HPE has the expertise to support any VDI modernization plan. Please contact NCS Sales to learn more about NCS VDI solutions, and also to learn about the latest HPE hyper converged HC380 single SKU preconfigured bundles for an all-in-one compute, software-defined storage and intelligent visualization solution.

HPE VDI NCS Turn-Key VDI Appliances

NCS turn-key VDI appliances are a purpose-built, all-in-one solution that delivers a persistent and personalized desktop experience. By selecting this fully-integrated appliance solution with either hyper-converged or modular approach, it will help you eliminate the integration and configuration complexities. The appliance solutions are carefully engineered to address your specific number of users needs, starting as small as 100 users. Learn more

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