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NCS Warehousing & Fulfillment Services

NCS helps intelligently manage customers' inventory and how it’s distributed. Our services include maintaining inventories of completed, returned, customer-owned and evaluation units - as well as stocking critical system components to enable expedited shipments.

Our warehousing team provides world-class service from our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facility. The team manages daily cycle counts, parts inventory control, real-time data management and inventory alerts to reorder critical components.

We also partner with local and nationwide freight service providers and are committed to meeting your logistical needs no matter how complex the order fulfillment requirements.

Procurement Services

The procurement team is committed to finding the most cost effective and timely supply and delivery service options available. They work to reduce costs and transfer savings to you and your customers through strategic sourcing, supplier evaluation and rationalization. They continually negotiate with suppliers for the highest quality products.

Packaging Operations and Services

Our packaging operation is an essential part of our manufacturing and integration process. We offer multiple packing solutions, including single-unit packaging, bulk packaging, ruggedized containers and reusable packaging for both single and bulk unit shipments.  NCS offers product bundling to improve the end user out-of-box experience and reduce shipping costs.  We provide custom packaging designs, branded packaging, custom markings, labeling and other options to meet your needs.

Shipping Services

We can meet any customer shipping requirement and have an extensive network of logistics partners. Our logistics capabilities include:

  • Extensive experience and expertise in export, international regulations, documentation, freight services, duties and other taxes
  • Partnerships with carriers offering everything from single package to container load shipments to locations all over the world
  • Country-specific platform certification
  • Exporter-of-record for international shipments
  • Coordination of in-country customs brokers or freight forwarders
  • Single point of contact for any support requirements anywhere in the world
  • Lifetime worldwide telephone support in the US with direct access to support specialists