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VDI in Education - Higher Education


NCS Zero Clients in combination with VMware Horizon provides secure remote access to your universities mobile secure desktops.

  • Universities are attracting technology savvy, older, part-time and work-based learners who want more flexible learning solutions, including distance learning.
  • Provide secure remote access to students and faculty, anytime and anywhere with Cirrus LT while maintaining control of your IT infrastructure and providing a consistent end user experience.
  • Support workforce mobility with a mobile secure workplace.
  • Streamline workplace management and lower operational costs while supporting data security and compliance mandates.
  • Zero clients using the PCoIP remote display protocol deliver the best performance and user experience for VMware Horizon View users. All NCS zero clients user Teradici-based PCoIP technology. In addition, NCS offers the worlds's first notebook zero client, the Cirrus LT mobile zero client laptop. For more information on the Cirrus LT notebook and PCoIP technology, please go to http://www.ncst.com/content/cirrus-lt-brochure