Roboze is a world leader OEM in industrial additive manufacturing systems, specializing in super polymers and composite matierals.

The partnership with Roboze allows NCS to address new markets where safety and reliability are paramount, such as aerospace, industrial and maritime applications.  Roboze solutions use high temperature super polymers and performance composites materials for the creation of finished parts where failure is not an option.  Super polymers may replace metal parts because they are very strong and highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion, lightweight, and are electrically insulating.  Roboze Argo Production Series 3D Printers meet the needs of industrial manufacturing, solving common problems such as process repeatability and accuracy in the production of high performance polymers parts. They streamline production processes, save time and reduce costs.  The Roboze Professional Series systems offer professional high temperature prototype and small run production printing with repeatability and accuracy during the entire production cycle.

Roboze Argo

Argo Production Series

3D printing meets customized manufacturing.  Print large and medium-sized parts right on your premises.


Roboze Professional Series

Super accurate parts & prototypes in half the time.  Accelerate the production of structural parts, functional prototypes and industrial tools.