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Rugged Servers

Since 2009, NCS has designed and manufactured rugged compute and storage systems for the U.S. military, the oil and gas industry and other commercial applications. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet customer unique requirements, and also for general market demands for rugged server and storage solutions that are capable of withstanding harsh and challenging environmental conditions. NCS employs electrical, mechanical and software engineers all under one roof who are capable of solving any rugged server and storage challenge.

Our capabilities include in-house electrical, mechanical and environmental testing capabilities. Our robotic-assisted manufacturing processes deliver consistent quality at reduced costs. Our in-house Additive Manufacturing resources help us meet the most challenging customer objectives. NCS is committed to industry-leading implementations of SWaP-C principles, to deliver rugged server and storage solutions optimizing size, weight, power with reduced costs.

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Appliance Development

Since 2003, NCS has developed server appliances used to deliver software platforms. NCS accelerates time to market with our server customers by offering branding, form factor, environment, performance, security, capability, cost, logistics and finance requirements for their hardware. We construct platforms from off-the-shelf to custom design. We specialize in full system integration and configuration services for out-of-the-box turnkey operation. NCS is a one-stop shop for OEM appliance solutions. Our customers, like independent software vendors, focus on their IP, and NCS handles the rest.

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