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Rugged Servers

NCS designs and manufactures rugged compute and storage systems for the U.S. Navy Submarine fleet. We are a supplier for the SWFTS TI20 program being deployed on the Virginia-class submarines. Our products are custom designed around COTS technologies. NCS products incorporate cyber resilient technology to meet the Navy requirements for cybersecurity. All products meet or exceed Navy MIL-STDs for ground, vehicles, shipboard, subsurface and aircraft.  NCS servers are qualified for use in the harsh environments and have been qualified to Team Sub’s Environmental Qualification Standards.

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OEM Servers & Appliances

NCS designs, manufactures, and integrates server appliances for customers in a variety of vertical markets. NCS accelerates time to market with full product management, design engineering, testing, software imaging, branding and more. From a simple off-the-shelf solution with additional services or a full custom design, NCS is a one-stop shop for OEM appliance solutions.  Our customers focus on their IP, and NCS handles the rest.

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