HP/Poly Audio Solutions

Professional Grade Headsets

Take the guesswork out of collaborating within a distributed workforce.

The HP/Poly Difference

Professional Grade 

Headsets designed for work use both, noise-canceling microphones that reduce background noise and Active Noise Cancellation which helps the wearer concentrate no matter their surroundings.

Acoustic Fence

Acoustic Fence uses spatially aware microphones to keep nearby sounds from competing with the headset wearer’s voice and ensures their words are the only thing listeners hear.


NoiseBlockAI uses the headset’s microphones to listen for sounds that aren’t speech and mute the microphone so they can’t be heard, then automatically unmutes when they start speaking.


Nearly a decade of research broken down into 3 types of personas to help you find the right audio solution.

Office Based Worker
Office Communicator Requires
  • Comfort and good audio for long conference calls
  • Easy to use tools and ability to manage multiple calls
  • Solutions that block out noise and distractions

Recommended Products

Office Collaborator Requires
  • Connecting to multiple devices
  • Solutions that block out noise and distractions
  • To be able to focus on calls, not the surrounding noise

Recommended Products

Remote/Flex Worker
Remote Collaborator Requires
  • Clear sound in any environment
  • Easy connection to multiple devices
  • Technology for roaming in home office or office

Recommended Products

Flex Worker Requires
  • Solutions that aid calls inside and outside the office
  • Communicate in unpredictable noisy environments
  • To be able to take calls on desk phone, mobile, and PC

Recommended Products

Road Warrior Requires
  • Solutions that help stay connected on-the-go
  • Clear connections in outdoor noise and wind situations
  • Devices that are charged and ready to go

Recommended Products

Executive Worker
Connected Executive Requires
  • Solutions for in-the-office and on-the-go distractions
  • Clear connections even in noisy situations
  • Optimal devices for each communication environment

Recommended Products

Need additional assistance in finding the right audio solution. Click here for the Persona Survey. This will guide you through the process of making the best selection based on your work and lifestyle habits. 


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