NCS Technologies

NCS’ family of rugged compute and storage solutions are designed for harsh and demanding operating environments. They are ideally suited to for Military, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Mining, Transportation, and many other applications. We have over two decades of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for field operations where data center grade equipment will simply not survive.

Compute Solutions

Rugged NCS 1u-server

1U Compute Server

Rugged 1U rear I/O servers pack powerful computing capabilities in enclosures that minimize dimensions, weight, and power consumption.

NCS enterprise 1.5u Compute Server

1.5U Compute Server

Rugged 1.5U rear I/O server family also delivers powerful computing capabilities with ample storage space and four PCIe expansion slots.

NCS 2u Rugged Compute Server

2U Compute Server

Rugged 2U front I/O server family delivers best in class CPU performance with up to five PCIe expansion slots. It can also host up to two full-length dual slot PCIe GPU cards and provide space for up to four solid-state drives.

NCS 5u computer server

5U Compute Server

Rugged 5U front I/O server family is the optimal archiving platform for harsh environments, supporting six 5.25” LTO tape drives in addition to both SATA and NVMe solid state drives. It can also support up to two full-height and one low-profile PCIe expansion cards.

Storage Solutions

NCS rms-1016

1U Storage System

The RMS-1016 is a ground breaking storage system, providing up to 500TB of NVMe storage in a compact 1U rugged form factor with either direct attach or NVMe Over Fabric options. Designed to meet stringent MIL Standards, the RMS-1016 delivers a scalable solution to expand your storage infrastructure independent of your compute infrastructure.


1.1U Storage System

Rugged 1.1U storage platform can host two 5.25” LTO tape drives or one 5.25” LTO drive and one removable SATA solid state drive. It is a rugged and compact direct attached storage option to complement any server.