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NCS and Lenovo team up on U.S. government contracts. We also partner on developing commercial technology solutions. In the years since we formed the partnership in 2012, NCS has provided value-added services and delivered over one hundred thousand Lenovo desktops, notebooks, and tablets to the Government.  We are also an authorized Lenovo warranty repair center.

NCS is a trusted Lenovo OEM partner. We work with Lenovo on fast-growing commercial opportunities with emphasis in healthcare. Our comprehensive product integration capabilities enable NCS to design and validate high-quality custom products from Lenovo’s robust product portfolio. NCS Lifecycle Support Services includes comprehensive program management, technical support and award-winning customer service.

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Professional Laptops
The new standard for highly mobile laptops. Thinner and lighter than previous generations, it also has added features for robust business productivity. The T560 features customizable storage and discrete graphics options, immersive audio, and a battery life longer than most international flights. 

Performance, Options and Reliability
With the P Series, you get highly usable design combined with powerful performance, flexible options, plenty of memory and storage, and the reliability you expect from ThinkStation

Powerful, affordable 1U/2S rack server

  • High-performance processors and memory
  • High-performance I/O and storage
  • High reliability, highly secure
  • Cost-efficient
  • Simple to manage and service

Top-performing server for data centers needing scalability

  • Large memory capacity
  • Vast storage capacity
  • Versatile storage configurations/AnyBay
  • Flexible I/O & networking configurations
  • Enterprise-class RAS features
  • XClarity systems management