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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the Public Sector by impacting new developments in intelligent systems predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, and autonomous machines. NVIDIA is leading the charge into the AI revolution with its technology that will make communities safer and connected everywhere.

Taking on the challenge of compute heavy workloads, NVIDIA technology delivers the acceleration needed to train and deploy AI models with massive datasets for mission critical applications.

GPU Acceleration

The RMS-2001 rugged server family uses 2 NVIDIA  A100 Tensor Core GPUs which delivers unprecedented acceleration and flexibility to power AI and machine learning. A100 provides up to 20X higher performance over the previous GPU architecture and can efficiently scale up to thousands of GPUs, or be partitioned into seven isolated GPU instances with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) to accelerate workloads of all sizes.

GPU-optimized Software for AI and Machine Learning

Utilize NGC™, a catalog of GPU-optimized AI, HPC, and data analytics software that simplifies and accelerates end-to-end workflows. With enterprise-grade ready-to-use containers, pre-trained AI models, and industry specific SDKs that can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or at the edge, enterprises can build best-in-class solutions and deliver business value faster than ever before.

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Programmable DPUs

While the GPU performs massive parallel processing, the NVIDIA® BlueField® data processing unit (DPU) performs data intensive functions like packet processing, compression, and encryption. BlueField DPUs provide secure and accelerated infrastructure for any workload in any environment, from cloud to data center to edge.

Fast, Efficient Ethernet with ConnectX SmartNICs

The NVIDIA® ConnectX® family of smart network interface cards (SmartNICs) offers advanced hardware offloads and accelerations. NVIDIA Ethernet adapters enable the highest ROI and lowest Total Cost of Ownership for AI and machine learning.

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