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Rugged Mission Systems

With 20+ years of computer manufacturing experience, NCS Technologies meets the demands of the harshest environments where traditional computing solutions cannot survive. Our Rugged Mission System Servers and Storage Solutions provide mission critical technologies ideal for the demanding environments in maritime & ground vehicles for the DoD, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, and transportation. From customized off-the-shelf systems to grout-up custom systems, discover how NCS can develop solutions for your specific mission demands.



A Culture of Innovation

  • Additive manufacturing to improve all aspects of SWaP-C
  • Embedded cyber resilience
    • Innovative embedded “bare metal” - below operating system
    • Patented Machine Learning based analytics
    • Ideal for supply chain screening or in operation

Datacenter Solutions & Rack Integration

  • Turn-Key Solutions Selected by Largest System Integrators
  • Ready To Drop In for Rapid Deployment at Sea or Ashore
  • Volume Rack Build and Integration Capabilities
  • NCS Manufactured & 3rd Party Components
  • BTP (Build To Print) or Solution Architecture Design
  • Extensive Experience With Military

Rugged Server and Storage Systems

  • ConfigurableTurn-Key server and storage solutions
  • Tested and proven offerings
  • 1U, 1.5U, 2U and multi-node front and rear I/O designs
  • 18-inch short depth
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment Services
  • Lifecycle Support Services

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