NCS Technologies is an innovative, agile IT systems integrator with the engineering teams, manufacturing facility, and government expertise to deliver the solutions you need. 

If it’s mission critical, you need NCS Technologies. 

Supporting technology rollouts for hybrid and remote workforce has presented IT departments with significant challenges. At NCS, we have designed a suite of services to help government agencies streamline the procurement, deployment, and management of end-user devices.

Managed Services

NCS Managed Services offers IT organizations a comprehensive solution to manage the entire lifecycle of end-user devices (EUDs). Our Customer Portal provides a customized product catalog with an approval channel workflow, and can even be hosted on a FedRAMP platform. A dedicated Program Management team oversees the delivery of our services with quantifiable performance metrics. Plus, real-time customer feedback allows us to react quickly to users’ requests or concerns.

Subscription Services

NCS Subscription Services offers a flexible approach for Enterprises and Agencies to transition from CAPEX to OPEX budget model. You’ll get EUD hardware with Provisioning and Managed Services as a complete end-to-end service with minimal start-up costs and predictable expenses. Our services are tailored to match your exact requirements, and we offer flexible and competitive terms, including 36- or 48-month refresh cycles and monthly, quarterly, or annual billings. We also accept Federal fiscal year appropriation risks, making it easier for Agencies to operate under this model.

System Provisioning

Our collocated team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers work together to create effective, secure, and reliable solutions. We customize our solutions to minimize impact on your organization by designing in client-specific features to reduce risk and increase efficiency. 

Through our strategic partnership with HP we are able to deliver some of the most secure and sustainable devices in the world. By leveraging HP’s Wolf Security and Self Healing Bios we can further minimize your security risks. 

System Imaging

Our secure integration facility supports a variety of system imaging services. Our staff can perform BIOS updates, OS imaging, customizations, and domain connectivity. Whether deploying a static image hosted in our repository or a dynamic one using Microsoft SCCM via a secure WAN connection to your domain, we ensure every device is ready to use prior to delivery.

Inventory Control

NCS’ inventory control management services team simplifies the management of large volumes of IT equipment. Our asset tagging, recording of serial numbers, and capturing of Ethernet addresses enables you to track the location and type of system, no matter where it is deployed.

Distribution Services

Receive your IT equipment when and where you want it, but more importantly, how you need it. Our distribution center offers a variety of shipping options tailored to meet the needs of your organization. From the pallet delivery of an entire order to bundling multiple items together and delivering directly to end users, we make receiving your equipment convenient and trouble-free.  



Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your investments are covered.

We can enhance your OEM warranty to include a spare parts pool, accidental damage coverage, extended terms, 24/7 call support, as well as, disk and memory device retention. Our in-house staff is able to support all warranty and break/fix challenges that may come up.

Extend the life of your investments with our sanitization services. Our team will wipe all data from your devices allowing for internal repurposing or reselling the devices to recoup costs. 


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HP Power Elite partner

NCS is one of HP’s largest partners in the federal sector. Our collaboration with HP extends across many civilian and DoD agencies. With access to all of HP products and services, including PC, Print, 3D Print, MPS, and DaaS, we are able to utilize them as building blocks for the many solutions we build for our customers. In addition, customers can also take advantage of our value-added integration services to significantly reduce deployment, management, and support efforts for their HP assets.

Certified Processes Drive High Quality Products

NCS is registered to ISO 9001:2015 (quality management), ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management), ISO 28000:2007 (secure supply chain), and O-TTPS 20243:2018 (Open Certified). This status is the manifestation of our commitment to quality excellence, environmental stewardship, and a secure supply chain to serve our customers

  • NCS is a Small Business
  • CAGE Code: 1BEK6
  • EIN: 54-1822366
  • DUNS: 96-100-3720
  • ORCA Registration Complete

In-House Expertise

NCS has decades of manufacturing experience and has assembled our own team of electrical, mechanical, software, integration, and quality control engineers to address your organizational goals. Our state-of-the-art, ITAR-compliant facility offers a semi-automated production line, integration services, environmental testing lab, robotics, and 3D printers for custom manufacturing and is ISO 9001, 14000, and 28000 registered.

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