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About NCS Technologies


Nov. 4, 2016 - More than 150 active and retired employees gathered at NCS headquarters in glorious autumn afternoon weather to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Members of the NCS family enjoyed fabulous banquet food, drinks, a DJ, plus a raffle with many exciting prizes. The festivities were highlighted by touching remarks from Founders Mark Christopher and An Nguyen on the challenges and joys of building a successful company literally from the modest beginnings in An’s basement! People went home for the weekend with broad smiles and a vow to make possible more successful decades to come!

More About NCS Technologies

Founded: 1996
Headquarters & Manufacturing: Gainesville, VA, USA
In Use: Around the world

NCS Technologies is a leading domestic computer manufacturer, operating from a modern campus located outside of Washington, D.C.  We design, manufacture, distribute and support our products from this single location.  This concentration of our operations promotes close interaction and cooperation that in turn enhances efficiency and drives creativity.  Our strengths include innovation, adaptability, speed, agility and flexibility.   

The computers we build range from commercial-off-the-shelf notebooks, desktops and zero clients for use in offices and schools, to custom-built high-performance servers for use in corporate networks as application delivery platforms. We also offer what we term "differentiated" products. These are products that we conceived and designed from scratch that are based on the Intel/Microsoft architecture yet are patented due to their unique features available from no other manufacturer.

Designing and building computers for use as military tactical equipment or workstations in secure and compartmentalized operating environments are also important parts of our business. For example, the Army deployed tens of thousands of NCS rugged tablets in ground vehicles as terminals for its logistics tracking system.  We design our systems to precisely meet our customers' needs and build them to function reliably in their intended operating environments. 

Our products, coupled with NCS Services, are in demand across many product segments. NCS Services includes product design, integration and testing, manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment and end user support.

Whatever the challenge, we design, manufacture and deliver the exact computing solution required with the highest quality and reliability.

Industry Standard, Custom and Differentiated Computing Solutions
Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Zero Clients and Servers