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About NCS Technologies


Founded: 1996
Headquarters & Manufacturing: Gainesville, VA, USA
Products In Use: Around the world. We support 1 million devices under warranty

NCS Technologies is a domestic computer manufacturer and integrator, operating from a modern campus located outside of Washington, D.C.  We design, manufacture, distribute and support our products from this headquarters.  This concentration of our operations promotes close cooperation, enhancing efficiency and creativity.  Our strengths include innovation, flexibility and speed.   

NCS has four main areas of business focus: Integrated Hardware Solutions, Custom Rugged Servers, Commercial Appliances, HP 3D Printing Solutions and NCS Branded Products. We are an HP Power Services Partner and in 2021 NCS was named HP's Federal Partner of the Year.

As a System Integrator, we offer a broad array of value-added services and turn-key solutions. Our capabilities include integration, configuration control, logistics, user services, warranty services and TAA-transformation services. In addition, we closely partner with leading OEMs.

NCS addresses multiple markets, with much of our revenue derived from government and education. Many of the largest federal agencies, the intelligence community and all branches of the armed services are our customers. NCS does business under many contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements, including NASA SEWP (A,C), GSA 70, DoS GITM, Army ADMC2, USAF CCS-2 and DPI. Other important markets for for NCS include healthcare, financial services and security. 

Whatever the challenge, we use our deep engineering capabilities to deliver the exact solution required with the highest quality and reliability.

Integrated Hardware Solutions, Custom Rugged Servers,
Commercial Appliance Design & Manufacturing
NCS-Branded Solutions, HP Platinum Partner, HP 3D Printing Solutions