With decades of experience, NCS has established partnerships with leading OEMs, industry knowledge, and supply chain integrity to deliver products you can trust.

Our origin as a computer manufacturer instilled in us the importance of sourcing trusted products through proper channels. It’s through those trusted devices that organizations can establish a foundation suitable for growth.

Put our industry knowledge to work for you

NCS has developed substantial industry relationships that we can leverage for your organization. We have established long term partnerships with leading worldwide OEMS like HP, Intel, and NVIDA. Our commitment to our partners has been acknowledged with recognition from HP as HP Platinum Partner, HP Power Services Partner and in 2021 NCS was named HP’s Federal Partner of the Year.

Whether its with our key OEM partners or distributors, our close relationships extend from the C-Level down to engineering teams. It’s through these relationships that we can ensure the products you receive, from complete systems to computer parts, are original equipment and not from the gray market. We will also leverage our relationships to secure the best pricing possible for your organization.


At NCS, we go to great lengths to ensure we have a secure supply chain. In many cases, we have direct relationships with our suppliers, when that’s not possible we work with industry leading distributors. We understand the importance of avoiding gray market products and parts. We will only deliver original manufacturer equipment. When applicable, we will ensure that it is also TAA compliant.

Beyond the sale

Our industry knowledge has given us the insight to understand that not all computing needs are as simple as an off-the-shelf purchase. As such, we offer pre and post purchase services to lighten your workload.

Our system integration services ensures your organization receives the computing solutions that match your needs. We can deliver computing and printing products configured with hardware and software that are specific to your organization.

Additionally, we support your equipment post purchase with our warranty support services. Maintain peace of mind knowing that our OEM trained and certified engineers can service your equipment with OEM parts.