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Selecting a solutions provider can be a complicated process. With so many factors to consider, such as industry knowledge, key partnerships, in-house capabilities, and years of experience, the selection of the provider can have a significant impact on the organization’s mission.

Our origin as a computer manufacturer sets us on a path to develop a unique set of in-house capabilities. The establishment of an integration ecosystem, which houses manufacturing, engineering, inventory management, distribution, and additive manufacturing, allows us to maintain control and accountability resulting in quicker turnarounds.

project management; engineering; manufacturing; testing; inventory management; distribution; warranty support

Integration EcoSystem

Engineering Services

The collocation of electrical, mechanical, and software engineering teams allows us to thoroughly test solutions from drawings all the way through manufacturing to ensure everything works as expected.

OEM Relationships

We have established deep relationships with our OEM partners, and we are able to leverage them to gain insights into the supply chain and lifecycle information to minimize impacts on development schedules.

Warranty Support

We offer lifecycle support, which means we will manage your product from development through maturity towards its end of life. Our teams will provide first call support, repair, as well as replacement services.