Rugged Mission Systems

Enterprise solutions for extreme work environments

Rugged Mission Systems

Enterprise solutions for extreme work environments

Proven process, thorough understanding of MIL-STD requirements, engineering expertise, and testing capabilities allow us to create custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

NCS Rugged Mission Systems offers mission-critical technologies that can withstand even the most extreme environments. When your mission takes you away from the office, where data-center-grade computing hardware is not an option, our specialist team will develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether we use COTS hardware or design systems from the ground up, NCS provides the latest technology to ensure that your system performs to the highest standard in even the most challenging conditions. Our specialist design team ensures that our solutions meet unique form factor, dimensional, and port placement requirements.

Streamlined Design Cycle

Our horizontally integrated facility houses manufacturing, engineering, inventory, and 3D print manufacturing. By collocating the electrical, mechanical, and software engineering teams, we can rapidly take a product from design to manufacturing. Our in-house capabilities also include systems integration and mechanical labs for validation testing. We work with accredited labs for comprehensive testing, including functional, performance, noise and radio emissions, shock, drop, pitch, roll, and barge shock.

Our onsite 3D print facility provides on-demand parts printing to build prototypes and test designs. This capability streamlines the design cycle and shortens delivery time.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing line provides the flexibility needed to build systems in any standard or customized configurations and capacity to meet volume requirements. Robotics augment our hands-on manufacturing capability for projects that demand extreme precision.

Quality and security permeate everything we do. We operate our facility in accordance with an ISO 9001, 1400, and 28000-registered Integrated Management System. We tightly control access to the facility to provide the added assurance needed to perform ITAR-related work in a secure environment.

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Technology Partners

NCS closely collaborates with our OEM partners to prioritize your requirements, gain early access to product management information and life cycle planning, and minimize the impact of supply chain events.

Discover how NCS can develop solutions for your specific mission demands.

A Culture of Innovation

  • Additive manufacturing to improve all aspects of SWaP-C
  • Embedded cyber resilience
    • Innovative embedded “bare metal” – below operating system
    • Patented Machine Learning based analytics
    • Ideal for supply chain screening or in operation

Rugged Compute and Storage Systems

  • Configurable turn-key server and storage solutions
  • Tested and proven offerings
  • 1U, 1.5U, 2U and multi-node front and rear I/O designs
  • 18-inch short depth
  • Warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Lifecycle support services

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MIL-S-901D Barge Testing

Our rugged servers and desktops are built to exact military specification standards. To meet certain customer requirements, we test to very extreme conditions. View how we have achieved High Impact Mechanical Shock, Heavyweight, Grade A certification for two of our newest rugged servers.

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In-House Expertise

With decades of manufacturing experience, NCS has built teams of electrical, mechanical, software, integration, and quality control engineers – focused on addressing your organizational goals. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a semi-automated production line, integration services, environmental testing lab, robotics, and 3D printers for custom manufacturing. Our ITAR-Compliant manufacturing facility is also ISO 9001, 14000, and 28000 registered. 

NCS also has long-established relationships with OEMs and national distributors. We leverage those relationships to gain insight into supply chain and lifecycle information, minimizing disruptions.

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