We are committed to environmental stewardship. Our ongoing efforts to minimize the impact of our products on the environment is one of our core values.

Going the Extra Mile

Every product, where applicable, NCS delivers to our customers are EPEAT™ registered at the Silver level. A Silver rating from EPEAT means that the qualifying product meets 100% of the required criteria as put forth by the Green Electronics Council, as well as going above and beyond by meeting over 50% of additional optional criteria in complying with good environmental performance practices. For more information on EPEAT™, visit http://www.epeat.net.

NCS Green Packaging Program

For local customers with large system deployments, we offer the option of taking delivery of computers in re-usable multi-pack shipping containers. Most manufacturers typically ship new computer hardware in cardboard boxes with foam padding in single unit packages. Those packing materials are rarely saved by the customer and get discarded as soon as the computers are unboxed. In an effort to cut down on waste going to the local landfills, we designed an innovative packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and saves time and space for our customers. Our multi-pack re-usable shipping containers are the size of a standard 40” x 48” pallet, stand approximately 6-feet high, and consist of a two-piece 10 mil corrugated plastic side panel with custom foam inserts cut to the exact dimensions of our systems. Each container can hold up to 30 to 48 computers, depending on their dimensions. When unpacking is finished, call NCS to arrange for a pickup. It’s that easy!

NCS Recycling & Take Back Programs

Our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the products we are responsible for include recycling programs that enable customers to dispose of used equipment and notebook batteries in an environmentally sound manner. Since our founding, NCS has demonstrated a strong concern for the environment through recycling. Part of that commitment is our Take Back Program, where we offer our customers recycling services of no-longer-needed IT assets.

In addition to our program of taking back used IT equipment, NCS can assist in the take back and recycling of any packaging materials nationwide. We provide the recycling and the packaging material free of cost to the customer. This covers both shipping and recycling of packaging. We will coordinate recycling at the customer end.  If you wish to recycle your own packaging and not ship it back to us, you can go to Earth911 to find the closest recycler. To explore our nationwide recycling programs, please contact your NCS sales representative.

HP Amplify Impact Partner

We stand with HP in their commitment to advancing climate actions to protect our planet and drive meaningful change across the global IT industry. As an HP Amplify Impact Partner we have taken the Changemaker pledge to acknowledge our commitment to join HP in their sustainability journey. We believe in taking meaningful steps in reducing our carbon footprint through self-assessments, trainings, and implementing our own sustainability initiatives.

Green Products Corner

This Corner is a showcase of products that can help individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment.  We encourage everyone to explore and learn about them.

Powerful Environmentally Friendly Computing

HP products are having a direct impact on the environment through the incorporation of ocean-bound plastics in their components. HP products may help the environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up computing power or mobility. 

Environment Friendly Printing

HP printers offer the highest print quality for your organization, while having a positive impact on the environment.

Conflict Minerals Policy

At NCS we are committed to delivering the best technology solutions through the ethical sourcing of parts and products. We work closely with our network of partners, distributors, and suppliers to ensure that we receive products and materials that are sourced from conflict-free areas of the world. Our policies and procedure are focused on having minimal impact on the environment and the protection of human rights, while meeting the needs of our customers.